ArcTouch Review: Provides their clients with app design and development services

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About ArcTouch

AcrTouch is really able to connect brands and their clients through custom experiences for smart devices.

The company’s story started long ago when its founders Adam Fingerman and Eric Shapiro were college students and co-worked at Apple. Having heard about the iPhone development, both of them understood that app design would become a nice business in future. Their heads were full of excellent ideas to embody and this was the reason why Eric and Adam weren’t willing to be left behind.

They established ArcTouch in 2008 and soon their clients were Honeywell, Merck and Champs Sports.

Nowadays the company unites from 50 to 249 employees and pays them $150-$249 per hour.

It has already released hundreds of apps and cooperated with more than 150 clients around the world.

ArcTouch Services

The company provides their clients with app design and development services. It releases custom app experiences for tablets and smartphones (Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry), watches and wearables (Apple Watch, Pebble Gear, Google, Olio, Google Glass, Samsung VR, Google Cardboard), television platforms (Chromrcast, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV) home and automobile automation (Apple CarPlay Google, Brillo, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Sync, Philips Hue, Honeywell TotalConnect).

Before starting to design an app, the company always tries to research the client’s needs and learn his business goals. With the help of rapid ideation workshops, ArcTouch’s staff helps their partners to define their MVP, a long-term app strategy and align the company’s teams.

They are really able to design appealing mobile app samples and delightful visual experiences for the apps’ final users. Every step including information architecture, visual design and user interface is connected with the final goal.

ArcTouch engineers are highly experienced with iOS, HTML5 and Android. Moreover, they are keen on Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables and are always ready to create, iterate, verify and launch ready-made apps across platforms.

Even after the app’s launch, the company doesn’t leave its client alone. ArcTouch features a very handy application lifecycle management (ALM) which provides control and maintenance support 24-by-7 and is always ready to assist the company’s partners with their problems.

ArcTouch Development Process

ArcTouch is a real partner for its customers. It strives to cooperate with them tightly from the beginning to the end of the app development process. Its employees are able to find effective solutions for design and development optimization and please the customers with rapid results.

The company releases daily video screencasts and demos to keep their partners informed about the apps’ development progress.

ArcTouch designs only qualitative products. Its QA is driven by automated tests and continuous integration.