eSec Forte Review: Firm’s products help customers businesses to grow worldwide

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About eSec Forte

eSec Forte is a global IT services and consulting enterprise which specializes in developing mobile apps, providing information security and business consulting, IT outsourcing and process betterment. The company’s team consists of nearly 11-50 employees and unite people who are determined to provide the best services for the clients. Partnership with eSec Forete can be really successful and valuable experience. Providing a wide range of services, the company’s team always tries to bring sustainability and growth into the client’s business.

Being established in 2010, eSec Forte has already released hundreds of projects for the customers from different countries of the world. All company’s products are of high quality and correspond to the main demands of the modern business world. There are quite a lot of examples when the mobile apps designed by eSec Forte have developed the clients’ performance and helped to increase their business around the world.

 eSec Forte Services

The specialists from eSec Forte engineer creativity and release friendly apps for the customers nearly every day. They believe that technology changes shouldn’t be avoided. There is always a nice opportunity to turn them into assets. The company is really flexible, innovative and well structured in its relationships with the clients. Its employees do everything possible to improve these contacts with every new project.

Esec Forte was positively valued by a number of big and authoritative global organizations thanks to its innovative approach to the clients’ ideas.

eSec Forte Development Process

The app development process starts with a tight communication with the client. The eSec Forte team needs to understand the client’s business in order to produce the best result. If it is necessary the company’s employees identify all possible challenges and look for the best solutions to overcome them.

Then a skeletal framework is designed. It is made in the form of wireframes and contains all features of the future mobile app. The future app’s design is made with a great passion and is conducted only on the approved wireframes.

Before preparing a Beta Build, the Quality Assurance team will check each sprint. After having tested and corrected the Beta Build, a Release Candidate Build will be released.

The ready made sample will be either submitted to the App Store or handed to the client.

At the end of the project work eSec Forte usually supplies its customers with a three month bug fixing period. The assistance provided during this period is free of charge. The clients are also presented with maintenance packages including small updates.

The company always invites the clients to take an active part in the development process in order to achieve the best results.