Metova Review: Real veteran of the mobile world

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About Metova

Metova was established in 2006 as a mobile application development company. Due to its close cooperation with BlackBerry (Reach In Motion), the company has got a nice opportunity to meet its first big customers. The staff core of Metova was formed during the first two years of the company’s existence. It consisted of the first ten employees who made quite a lot of significant changes in the company’s organization.

In August 2012 Metova was acquired by John Adams, CEO of A4 Solutions. It was a small Arkansas company which provided IT services to the government. This moment was crucial in the history of both businesses. A4 solutions got access to a large number of contracts and Metova tried its hands in developing mobile apps for the government use. The company’s influence was expanded to four new locations: Augusta, GA; Franklin, TN; Cabot, AR and Washington, DC. Soon A4 Solutions changed its name and became Metova Federal, but the commercial arm of Metova remained Metova, Inc.

Metova isn’t a stable company. Due to its culture and process, the firm is able to adapt quickly to the challenging conditions of the modern mobile app environment and produce new technologies. Its first development in the area of Android apps was released in 2008 when the first Android phone, the T-Mobile, appeared. In 2009 Metova started to train its employees in Objective-C in order to support the requirements for iOS apps. Having gained a large experience in designing mobile apps on Android, BlackBerry and iOS, Metova is considered to be a real veteran of the mobile world. Nowadays the company works with web applications built in Ruby on Rails in order to provide the final users of the apps with web portals, databases and content management systems.

Metova Services

Metova is a real expert in designing Windows apps for smartphones and tablets. The company has already released quite a lot of products for some large clients around the world. This is the reason why Windows app design has become one of its main competencies.

In fact, it takes nearly half of Metova’s project. The company’s staff is really agile and can produce a qualitative Windows app every week.

Metova Development Process

The app development process in Metova starts with business plan creation and success definition. The work is conducted between the company’s strategists and the client.

Then the customized design and interface are created and the app development starts. Metova’s specialists apply only the best practices in encoding and are able to overcome any challenges on their way.

Before delivering a ready-made product Metova’s Quality Assurance team tests it in different ways.

If it is necessary, the company can train the client’s staff how to work and maintain the ready app.

Metova doesn’t leave its costumers behind with their problems and is always ready to update the app or fix the bugs.