Mobiversal Review: Their staff is able to bring a high level of expertise to the client’s company

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About Mobiversal

Mobiversal can become a nice partner for those who are full of creative ideas related to the mobile apps area and need somebody to help them to embody these ideas in a real life. Actually, Mobiversal helps its clients not only to get a ready-made app, but transform it into a reliable technology business.

The company was established in 2011 and usually hires from 10 to 49 employees depending on the project. The average salary in Mobiversal is $25-$49 per hour.

The company features strong product and retention strategies, business modeling, user acquisition and growth hacking.

Mobile Services

The company is able to:

  • Develop Mobile Strategy (Mobiversal team just takes the clients ideas and applies its experience to reach the set goals);
  • Design Mobile UI/UX (the company’s staff crafts carefully each element in the mobile design in order to create the ultimate experience);
  • Develop Mobile Apps (Mobiversal releases apps that are specific to the clients’ ideas. It doesn’t matter whether these apps will be connected with entertainment or business);
  • Develop Server Backend (The apps designed by the company are always matched with the state-of-the-art server backends);
  • Publish (the ready-made app may be submitted by the company to different stores);
  • CreateAapp Presentation Websites (the capabilities of the released app will be displayed with the help of a microsite or full-featured-website).

Mobiversal Development Process

The app development starts with the tight cooperation with the client. During this period the main task for the Mobiversal team is to grasp the client’s idea, choose the best way for its embodiment into a mobile app, identify all possible challenges and find effective solutions for these problems. Then a skeletal framework for the app is drafted. It has a form of wireframes and displays the main product’s features.

The next step of the app development is its design. Be sure that the company’s staff will work hard to make it look really perfect! The app’s design is based only on approved wireframes.

Mobiversal likes to cooperate with its clients. Though the app development process is broken into sprints based and feature sets, the customer can easily review and access all app’s development stages.

The products’ release isn’t possible without the Qualitative Assurance team’s verdict. It controls each stage of the app development and says ‘Yes’ for the Beta Build and the Release Candidate Build’s creation.

When the Release Candidate Build is designed, the app may be submitted to the App Store or passed to the client.

Each client is provided with a 3 months free of charge bug fixing period and maintenance packages with small updates.