PhD Labs Review: PhD Labs staff are people who like to release a great design!

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About PhD Labs

PhD Labs is a developing company specialized in web design, web and mobile development, search engine optimization (SEO), scoping, marketing campaigns, social media consulting, and marketing campaigns etc.

The company’s staff enumerates from 10 to 49 employees with hourly wage $100-$149.

The story of the PhD Labs started in 1998 when its founder Robert Patrick began to consult and create software for a number of companies. Being only 18 years old, he established PhD Computing Inc. The company was developing enterprise applications for such clients as Experian and ADP. But Robert wanted his company to be more design oriented; he needed a good team. Jason Martinez, John Driscoll and Cliff Colietti owned Organic Sales at that time. It was a design and marketing company specialized in developing mobile applications. Their products for Toyota, B of A and Transamerica were really impressive. That’s why Robert signed a yearly contract with Organic Sales without any hesitation. In 2011 both companies merged and PhD Labs appeared.

PhD Labs has been weighed, measured and highly ranked by several authoritative web resources such as Best Web Design Agencies and Clutch.

Its team has created a genius start up ecosystem to maintain app oriented companies. Due to this fact the company is supposed to be among the best development partners for start ups.

PhD Labs Services

The company calls its service list a ‘digital trinity’. Its area of interests lies in mobile apps, web apps and app marketing.

PhD Labs is always ready to assist its clients to embody various ideas connected with iOS and Androids.

It is considered to be an excellent web application creating firm with a large experience and expertise. For instance, its app development services are often used by lots of companies in different parts of the world.

The company knows how to assist its clients in app marketing. It provides expertise in major social platforms and knows how to utilize them for its clients’ needs.

PhD Labs Development Process

Possessing decades of app development experience, PhD Labs has launched thousands of various kinds of projects. The company describes its development process with the help of three simple points:

  • Design

The app development process starts with a plan. On this stage the company’s employees try to seize the customer’s business goals and then look for the best ways to embody them in a future app. The app’s design begins with wire framing and ends with creating a full prototype. The company’s Information Architecture Plan is really remarkable. It makes PhD Labs look like a real software launching mechanism.

  • Build

During this phase PhD Labs staff programs, codes and tests much.

  • Launch

The company understands that getting an app to the market isn’t an easy process. That’s why it’s always ready to assist its clients in doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible.